About Us

Who We Are

Dr. Mario Garcia, founder of Crisis Aid Network was honored as One of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans by the U.S. Junior Chamber in 1990 for Humanitarian Service, and as One of the Ten Oustanding Young People of the World, 1990 for Moral & Environmental Leadership. The U.S. Army also awarded him the Humanitarian Service Medal.  His efforts in coordinating aid to victims of Hurricane Hugo in Puerto Rico, and sending a plane load of relief food and supplies to Jamaica were inspirational to young leaders he recruited into his crisis aid teams.  Through Dr. Mario's leadership, crisis aid teams also conducted an environmental clean up operation in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, and he has also collaborated with other organizations in feeding families in Northeast Africa, as well as providing strategic interventions to women rescued from illegal sexual trafficking, domestic violence, rape, and physical abuse.


We are fully accountable to God, our board of directors, partner organizations, and donors.  

Our commitment is to minimize administrative costs, and to optimize and maximize impact by providing services, goods, and funding directly to those who need it the most in crisis areas.  

Our logistical team coordinates with local churches, and other non profit organizations to identify individuals and families in need.

Area of Operations

Crisis Aid Network operates primarily in the United States, Caribbean, and Latin American Countries.  As a global network we coordinate with other partner organizations to serve other areas as needed, via crisis intervention strategies.  

Most recent crisis intervention team projects include: collaboration in Northeast Africa, Hurricane relief efforts in Florida (Hurricane Irma); and currently in Puerto Rico (Hurricanes Irma and Maria).